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Article: New Balance Kids

January 27, 2023

New Balance PV990GL6 and New Balance IV2002ST have just landed in the store and surprise once again with their unmatched quality. These sneakers create the best conditions for your child with superb quality and comfort, giving permission for fun and trouble without worries about the well-being of the feet. The shoes have a firm heel cap, soft padding, strong rubber soles that allow room for play on all surfaces, and are equipped with velcro straps so that the child can adjust the fit himself. 

It can often be a bit of a hurdle for parents to choose the right clothes for their child and in particular the shoes. For one thing is appearance, but another thing, which is probably also the most important, is comfort. And there are many models and brands to choose from. 

The original New Balance 990 model was created in 1982 to revolutionize the market as the best running shoe. The launch of the sneaker went beyond all expectations and it has established itself as an iconic shoe in the sneaker world to the highest degree. The gray colorway, high quality and phenomenal comfort were a perfect mix to create an elegant and versatile sneaker that is still sold worldwide today despite its age. 

As father as son or - as mother as daughter. As an adult, you have the privilege of being able to choose your own sneaks and thus also do what is best for your feet. And of course, as a child, you shouldn't be deceived about that. New Balance Kids has taken all the best from, among other things, the 990s and 2002s models and boiled it down to a children's model, which is available here at Shoe Chapter both online and in store.