Classic quality with the New Balance 1500

The New Balance 1500 saw the light of day as early as 1989 and has won sneaker hearts around the world ever since. The shoe is designed by Steven Smith himself, who is behind well-known designs from the leading shoe manufacturers, including Reebok, Nike, Adidas and of course New Balance. The New Balance 1500 is therefore known to be one of the American shoe brand's best models to date.

Originally, the intention with model NB 1500 was to produce a comfortable sports shoe for tennis and basketball. But it didn't take long before the smart sneaker took over the fashion scene and became a must on trendsetters' wish lists. 

Retro suede with New Balance 1500

A retro runner, a feathered footwear, a smart sneaker. New Balance 1500 is made in a mixture of soft leather, retro suede and breathable mesh, which both gives the model a sporty look. The model is known for having a smaller embroidered N than many other New Balance models.

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