New Balance 2002R with Japanese origin

A subcategory of the New Balance 2002 series is the popular 2002R sneaker that won many sneaker hearts upon its 2020 launch. 

The New Balance 2002R is part of the brand's "Refined Future" series, also called the "Protection Pack." Inspired by the Japanese philosophy Wabi Sabi, the sneaker is characterized by "imperfection, impermanence and asymmetry", translated as "imperfection, vanity and asymmetry." The perfect, imperfect New Balance 2002R sneakers took the "dad shoe" market by storm. 

New Balance 2002 slip-on

Do you need to quickly go out in the garden, on a trip to the supermarket or are your feet cold at home? New Balance has launched a slip-on version of the 2002 model. With the so-called mule sneakers, New Balance offers a retro and stylish version of Crocs shoes, so that you can easily, conveniently and comfortably jump into a pair of smart shoes. 

Protect the suede of your New balance 2002

New Balance 2002 is produced in delicious, soft suede, which is why they are more sensitive to rain, dirt and sleet. It is therefore important that you impregnate your NB 2002 sneakers before using them. The impregnation means that the dirt does not stick to the suede, and you thus extend the life of your new sneakers. 

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