New Balance 990: An iconic vintage sneaker

The success behind the New Balance 990 sneaker started already in 1882, when the first model was launched. The first shoe was designed in gray tones. Boring, you might think. But back then, the toned-down, greyish shades were a revolution against the neon-coloured trends of the time.  

Since then, New Balance has relaunched new and improved versions of the 990 model, and it has become nothing short of iconic. 

New Balance 990 for supermodels and "Dad"s

"Worn by supermodels in London and dads in Ohio" is the slogan for the New Balance 990. Whether you're a father, supermodel, running enthusiast, influencer or craftsman doesn't matter. The New Balance 990 is for everyone, and you're guaranteed to find a pair of sneakers to match your wardrobe. 

The New Balance 990 speaks to everyone who likes a stylish and simple sneaker with a good fit. The shoe is available in both colorful and more muted models and is suitable for both men and women.  

Are you looking for a sneaker that exudes nostalgia, quality and comfort? Then you can't order a pair of New Balance 990 soon enough. The price is on the higher end, which is because you get top quality and the best sole technologies. 

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