All Condition Gear. A term used by Nike, which refers to shoes for outdoor training. The ACG logo adorns shoes in this collection.


Are the little things that sit at the end of laces. Previously, they were made of plastic, but now they come in all kinds of materials. 


A registered Nike trademark for their shock-absorbing airbags.

APS (Antipronation and Shock Absorption System)

An adjustable shock absorption system used by Adidas in the heel area of the sneaker. 


A pair of sneakers you always wear.


A registered Adidas trademark. A technology that ensures 360 degree breathability and ventilation around the foot. 


The specific combination of colors on a sneaker.

Deadstock (DS)

Remaining old stock - therefore "Dead Stock". Can also be used on a pair of sneakers that have never been used.


Is the small piece that can sit at the bottom of the laces down towards the snout of the sneaker.


A stabilizing function from New Balance, consisting of an EVA core with PU shell designed to reduce shocks.

EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate)

A lightweight material in the midsole for better suspension and shock absorption.

Spring leg

This technology was invented by Puma. It refers to a specific outsole where rubber knobs "grip" the ground and add extra suspension. 


A D-shaped lacing ring for laces.

GR (General Release)

A shoe that is available at most sneaker stores, and which is not limited and which is quite easily available when it comes out. 


A suspension mechanism used by Reebok in the heel and sometimes in the forefoot. The waffle-shaped technology is designed to disperse the shocks when walking and running over a large area. 

High Top

A sneaker with a height well above the ankle.


A pair of sneakers designed by Nike designers Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield, and Mark Parker. HTM denotes the first letter of the designers' first names.


A person who likes a sneaker due to its "hype".




Jordan Brand.

Limited Edition

A sneaker that is produced in a limited number and is only available through a few stores. 


Or in Danish a lining, is a term for the inner material of the shoe, which touches one's foot.

LPU (Lates Pick Up)

The last pair of sneakers you bought.


A pair of sneakers with medium height (ankle height). 

OG (Original)

Original. Not a retro or a re-release. Only the first time a shoe is introduced can it be called AND.

PEG System

Is a system found at Adidas to adjust the suspension in the heel. For example, looking at the model L. A. Trainer.

PU (Polyurethane)

A synthetic material that is not very hardy. Especially used in the early eighties in the manufacture of outsoles. 


Someone who buys sneakers (usually in larger quantities) with the intention of reselling them.


A retro model is a sneaker that has been out before, but which is being introduced again.

SB (Skateboard)

A shoe line dedicated to Skateboarding.


The insole of a shoe.

Soft-Cell Technology

A technology used in the heel of certain Adidas running shoes.

Torsion System

A registered Adidas trademark, which acts as a lightweight bridge between the forefoot and the heel. The torsion system thus supports the metatarsal and provides good support for the arch in the foot. 


Any part over the outsole and midsole of a sneaker.


Abbreviation for "What did you wear today?"


Abbreviation for "What's on my feet today?"